A Person A Thought An Interruption
Barnett Cohen, Jules Gimbrone
City Limits Gallery, Oakland, CA
July 23-August 13, 2016


The objects:

Wet t-shirt dripping water into a metal pot
Finger rubbing guitar string
Metal pot with rubber cement
Wood and metal stage
Contact mic rubbed over the artist’s body
Cat purring
Dry t-shirt
Brass bells
Microphone suspended in resin
Artist reading text, Self Portrait (2015)
Rusted metal pot
Glass vessels
Desiccated balloons
Artist blowing up balloon
Rubber speaker stands
Memory foam pillow
Water being poured into a metal pot
Salt water
Broken glass vessel
Steel chains
Five tactile transducers
Audio Technica AT875R
Live microphone feedback
Three amplifiers
Two media players
Audio mixer
Assorted cords


Lie down on the stage, head towards
the metal pot. Be aware of the broken
glass. Lie on your side, lie on your
back, lie with your soft side down, lie
with your legs hanging off the edge.
Engage in delicate bodily contact with
the stage. Feel its hard support
beneath a soft surface. Be aware of the
broken glass.