ISSUE Project Room, January 11th, 2013, BOMB Magazine benefit.

Performed by
Mariana Valencia – movement
Julia Read – voice
William Lang – trombone
Christopher McIntyre- trombone
Jules Gimbrone – voice
with electronics, objects, and spaceG-LOC Infinite Loop is an exploration of divisions. By dividing performers from each other, their own sensory perceptions, and the room into areas of action and nonaction, I hope to stimulate a third indivisible space.

G-LOC is an abbreviation for Gravity-induced Loss Of Consciousness.  This physiological experience is caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain due to excess G-force on the body.  Most often experienced by fighter pilots descending at extreme speeds, G-LOC is characterized by a complete division of self; out of body experiences, spatial disorientations, and the inability to negotiate your body in space.  For this piece, I am using the resounding pitch of a field recording of myself in a plane taking off and landing as the generative frequency (1200khz) for all sounding material.  The score for the trombones, as well as all manipulations to the recording itself have been modulated through a series of fractions relating to this original recording.