Jules Gimbrone (b. 1982 Pittsburgh; lives and works in NYC) creates fragile corporeal sound and sculptural ensembles that highlight the differentiations between modes of perceptual acquisition—specifically visual and sonic—within complex and precarious arrangements of subjects and objects. Building on this is an expansive idea of the phenomenology of resonance–social performativity, identity development, subject/object relationships, etc.–all being inherent to the accumulation of layers that are built on materially transparent, fragile, surfaces. Resonance, as a set of conditions or relationships between things, becomes activated and legible through light and sound then complicated through abstraction and perceptual manipulations.

Combining sound and objects into immersive aural and haptic environments, Gimbrone re-engineer sites of past and current performances with audio transduction equipment, producing installations that transform the sounds of performance into a physical and material experience. For Gimbrone, the temporal and indeterminate properties of sound is more methodology than medium and can take on forms ranging from sculpture, recordings, performances, installations, and scores.

Using a variety of recording and amplifying technologies—in addition to materials such as glass, clay, ice, and the processes of decomposition—Gimbrone investigates how sound travels through space, bodies, and language as a way of exploring hidden or sublimated gendered systems. Concerned with the tension between conceptual power systems and their inevitable demise, the container and the contained, the visual and the sonic, the work exposes multiple queerings of the performative and pre-formative body.

Gimbrone’s works have appeared at such venues as Stellar Projects, SculptureCenter, ISSUE Project Room, The Rubin Museum, MOMA PS1, REDCAT, Human Resources LA, Park View Gallery, Vox Populi, and Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland. Gimbrone received an MFA in Music Composition and Integrated Media from CalARTS in 2014. In 2018 Gimbrone received the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Emerging Artist Grant and was accepted to In Practice at SculptureCenter.