A Performance by Composer/Performer Jules Gimbrone
with Choreography and Visual Design by Strauss Borque-LaFrance

Performed Live SATURDAY JANUARY 26th 2013
8 PM
CalARTS, Valencia, CA
R.O.D Hall

Annie Lemieux ————————————Trumpet
Jessica Waithe ————————————-Trumpet
Tyler Jordan ——————————————Trombone
Michael Gilleran —————————————Tuba
Henry Webster —————————————————–Violin
Linda Rife ————————————————————Cello
Hannah Dexter ——————————————————- Bass
Dylan Rodrique ———————————————————Electric Guitar
Jenica Anderson ———————– Snare,
Jodie Landau —————————–Vibraphone
Jules Gimbrone —————————— Voice, Bells
Strauss Bourgue-LaFrance ——————–Performance
Finn Paul————————————–Performance
Preston Mendell ———————————-Tech
Christopher Knollmeyer —————————-Tech

Movement Mob: Max Wanderman, Hill Jaeger, Chris Cole, Kevin Robinson, Greg Fleishut

Diagonal Throws is a performance of bisecting landscape. This trajectory of movement and sound explores architectural, sculptural, and spatial dynamics as they relate to the performing body. Specifically working with mostly non-’dancers’, this piece creates scenarios, rules, and small ensembles that respond to music-based compositional and movement-based choreographic arrangements. A 4-piece brass ensemble, percussive resonate metal sculptures, 4-piece prepared and processed string ensemble, percussion, live vocal commands, and 5-piece movement-mob-intrusions combine to create a geographic space in which all performers are simultaneously formulating and rupturing/queering imposed structure. Over the vast expanse of a deep canyon, we engage The West, manifest destiny, limpness, the void, distance, othering, and the great fissuring and territorialization of the self. A masculine comedy.


Video by Misho Antadze, edited by Jules Gimbrone.