Collapse Score #7 – External, 2018

Soft Cells Presents: Jules Gimbrone, Collapse Score #7- External, 2018

Gas Gallery

June 9–July 20, 2018

Score for Materials:

Day 1 : Feet touch
cut off painted green toe nail (big toe, right foot)


Day 2 : In a room for more than 3 hours
manganese carbonate. An ingredient you use it to make a rough, lava like textured glaze. 6 hours in the studio.


Day 3 : A moment that felt uncomfortable
trying to decide if you should buy a snoopy hugging bird t-shirt at a ventura thrift store. you don’t want to be there. you’re doing it for Rand, who’s trying to be a “good friend.” This last week is full of dread, the kind you haven’t felt since you were 25. You’ve exhausted yourself with yourself. at least you pass out at night from this exhaustion. you’re trying to play it cool. you text him some love. nothing. the worst thoughts come, way below you. getting wiser, freer, braver is just a temporary state. being in (this kind of) love sucks. you buy a suede vest that you’ll never wear. clipping from the vest


Day 4 : Involves the lips
bottom right side of lip is always chapped. here it is.


Day 5 : Something embarrassing done for this
goat hair from new fully-footed goat pants from russian given to you by him. found in his mouth upon kissing. everything is bliss around here. wtf. how can it be so up and down?


Day 6 : Hard
a tissue you wrapped around your finger when it was bleeding and were in a rush to get out of the house.


Day 7 : Had to steal it
piece of wall and nail from the Sculpture Center,  from the spot Jules had their show


Day 8 : While in motion
you caught a fly on the plane, you were writing a love poem and feeling sappy so there’s tears on the fly too.


Day 9 : A part of a large whole
broken up ADD pill


Day 10 : Private
tissue liner for examination table at the doctor’s office


Day 11 : Public
grass you sat on in front of LaBrea Tar Pits


Day 12 : It was so easy it felt like cheating
fabric sample from a pair of boxers you made him keep in his armpit over several days so you had his smell with you when he wasn’t around. you woke up to them right next to your face


Day 13 : Soft
cookie bought for a road trip, left in cabinet for a long time, tried and determined to be old and too soft
Day 14 : It’s going to change
Kiwi, still too hard to eat.


Day 15 : Used every day
coco butter, used mostly on your lips and eyes, sometimes you eat it by the spoonful


Day 16 : Used just today
Day 17 : Fuck you Jules
clay squeezed in your palm as hard as you can. can’t seem to get shit done today. fuck you, Jules
Day 18 : While still
flower plucked from phillips terrace, listening to ravens fly around.
Day 19 : Communicating
blue tape you use to cover up the computer cam.
Day 20 : Bonus *
last day, salt for your wounds. its been a tough as hell month


SoftCells, a conceptual/curatorial project run by artist Agnes Bolt, considers the various ways that social, cultural, and political constructs become materially inscribed on the body, on a personal and intimate level. Working closely with individual artists as an extension of Bolt’s own practice, all SoftCells exhibitions are presented on or in relation to Bolt’s body. For take care, Bolt invited artist Jules Gimbrone to develop a new work. Gimbrone created a new iteration of their Collapsed Scores series using specimens collected from Bolt’s daily life for a month. These ephemeral objects—spit, hair, moisturizer, et cetera—decay over time between glass planes. Gimbrone works with sculpture and sound to understand how the social world codifies the body through gesture and performance. Presenting an imprint of Bolt’s body through her routine during a set period, Collapsed Scores operates as a potential score for choreography and sound, one that could perhaps be activated or reinterpreted on another occasion by another body.