by Jules Gimbrone

Steel sheets, magnets, rebar, aluminum pieces, drill, wood planks, steel bowl, electronics

Using a series of sculptural reverb plates, one feeding into the next, A THIN WALL SYMPATHETICALLY MAINTAINED is a loop of detached enmeshment. Bodies and sound are pushed through and are stopped by metal walls, as each performer confronts their own composed framing. Sounds are stimulated through the presence of the plate and then amplified through the next plate of the series. Each performer must contend with these physical and sonic ghostings simultaneous to their own expressions.

Live at Human Resources LA, August 15th, 2013 // Placed within Byron Westbrook’s sound and light installation, INTERVAL / HABITAT // Performed by Alex Black, Jules Gimbrone and Betsy Rettig

A Thin Wall Sympathetically Maintained
Steel sheets, electronics, misc metal objects, dirt
Dog Star 9 Performance at Moon Canyon, August 5th, 2013 with Odeya Nini

Photos by Barnett Cohen and Nora Beckman.