Rooms, Junk, and other Forces

11, rue de la Coulouvrenière
1204 Genève
T ++41(0)22 328 08 18

Jules Gimbrone with Mariana Valencia and Lydia Okrent
Duree 40 min

 « There is a room without walls. This room queers all that enters. When we are in this room we feel welcomed and visible; clear in form but not pre- determined in function. We desire this room. We want to lay on its floor. When we listen we are both speaking and being spoken to. The room listens. The room adapts to hold contour, to hold curves and lines, to hold what we forget to acknowledge. It holds all of it, especially the junk. This junk changes the listenings. This room is nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. Sometimes it is carried within a body, or between two bodies or more. Sometimes it appears momentarily and then is gone. Sometimes we think we are making this room, but then thoughts form cement. Cement forms bricks. Bricks form walls, and suddenly we are separated from ourselves and from this room. We re-build this room, dismantle it, and take it with us. It is a life’s work. The room is hidden and only found by listening.»