Threshing Floors

OPENING Saturday, May 2nd from 5 – 8pm

Jules Gimbrone — May 2 – May 6

Essex Olivares — May 8 – May 12
Kabir Carter — May 13 – May 17
Bill Dietz — May 19 – May 24
Daniel Bertalot / Mary Walling Blackburn — May 26 – May 31

Curated by Natasha Marie Llorens, with Natasha Hoskins.

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space
Tuesday through Sunday, 12-6pm
120 Essex Street NY, NY 10002
(inside Essex Street Market)

Pre-industrial European villages usually had a commonly-owned area where grain was pounded from its sheaf called a threshing floor. This was a transitional space where objects changed shape through rhythmic physical effort, or through some collective movement that was indissolubly sonic.

“Threshing Floors” is an exhibition project in five parts that takes this historical space as a point of departure. The wish is to stage a series of propositions about the relationship between sound and its material vehicle, or its sheaf. Sound and the body. Sound and the microphone. Sound and the ground. Perhaps these elements cannot be threshed, perhaps the project will wish in vain. Perhaps the viewer will will get lost in the movement and forget about the task of threshing altogether.

Image credit: Jules Gimbrone, Rooms, Junk, and Other Forces, 2015. Photo by Dorothée Thébert Filliger